About Sal

Michael “Sal” Lumsden was a true LGBT pioneer in North East England. In the heady days of the 1980’s Sal played out the soundtrack of Newcastle’s ‘gay-scene’. He was a stalwart of the original Powerhouse and the creator of the riotously successful “Gay to Gay” radio show.


When he passed away in 2007, due to Lung Cancer, we lost a real troubadour.

When we thought about Sal; alongside the man, we couldn’t help but reminisce on the scene he helped to create; the fun, fights and tears, the pleasurable nights, the very pleasurable nights, bad mornings, evil mornings, the music, the clubs of yesteryear and the clubs of today.

That sparked the idea to create The Sal Lumsden Archive Project (SLAP) not only to commemorate a remarkable life but to treasure the lives and history of all LGBT people in the North East.

To do this right we need you to blow of the dust, brush away the cobwebs, and take your mind back, as we need your stories. Be they outrageous, hilarious, dramatic, or tear jerking. Be they about nights out, coming out or out running a group of lagered up louts we would love for you to share them.

Alongside your memories we’ re also looking at collecting as much LGBT paraphernalia as we can get, be that mix tapes, club mixes, posters, fliers, stolen club décor, photos, videos or anything that helps celebrate the history of LGBT in our region. If you’ve got it we want it.

SLAP is about preserving a special time when things were different. But boy, was it fun.