CHE is The Campaign for Homosexual Equality a organisation who played a key part in the initial campaigns that lead to the decriminalisation of male homosexual activities in 1967. Although the lifes of LGBT people in the uk has improved beyond the wildest dreams of the early campaigners, CHE still take a active role in protecting the rights of LGBT.  They promote the principle that LGBT people are entitled to lead their lives openly without fear, they fight for social and legal equality and respect for the human rights of all people irrespective of their sexuality, to eradicate prejudice and hostility directed at LGBT people and for improved sex education in schools to eliminate negative attitudes to LGBT people.

The first items to go into the SLAP! archive are items that came from our first scanning party held in September 2014. The Tyneside CHE Newsletter from 1987 can be viewed below, as can the Durham CHE Newsletter from 1977.

If you have any archive material relating to CHE, please contact us