Heritage Walk

Harry on the History Walk

While there is already a Newcastle LGBT Heritage Walk in existence (and a very good one at that – you can see a copy here), we are proud to present our own walk, created by 16-year-old Harry, who connected with the project to use its name and ethos to create the walk as part of a youth initiative scheme (more on that here). Being that he is only 16, Harry didn’t know a lot about LGBT culture and history, so rather than wander around the Pink Triangle and talk about bars he wasn’t old enough to drink in, we decided to go in the direction of doing a “What Newcastle Means to Me” heritage walk, focusing on Harry as a young, out, LGBT man. Harry himself is fantastically outspoken for being 16 and claims to have come “out” to his family as young as his first Pride event, at the age of 7.

Wandering past various hotspots in Newcastle, including the Theatre Royal, Tyneside Cinema, Grainger Market, Monument, etc., Harry reeled away facts about his own life and memories of growing up, and ambitions about the future.

We still intend to produce another heritage-style walk with an older person, and while this will no doubt be great, there is something about a young man starting out on his journey, that reminded us what this project was all about. This is the heritage of tomorrow that we seek to preserve today.