They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but to an archive it is only worth about five hundred! The other five hundred words needs to come from it being placed in context – especially if it is the person who took the photo or is in the photo that explains what that photo was all about.

For the archive we are looking for individuals or groups to come to us with either their digital or their physical photo collection and we will copy and catalogue it on their behalf. We would love to sit down with the contributor and ask them where the shots were taken, who some of the people are in the photographs, and roughly what year.

If you are not sure if your collection is what we are looking for, the best thing is just to drop us an email giving us an idea of what you have, or you could also come along to one of our ‘scanning parties’ where we scan and catalogue your items right in front of you and have a chat over a drink. Ultimately we want to stop any LGBT history from the North East being lost.

If you have any photos you think we may be interested in please contact us