The Making Of A Woman




The Making of a Woman is an exciting new play from locally based writer Phoebe Elliot, created in conjunction with the Sal Lumsden Archive Project. You join our actors as they give their final rehearsal for ‘Jenny By Day’ – a play about Robert Coulthard, who was arrested in South Shields in 1913 for wearing a blue dress with a veil. We follow Robert throughout history and find out some interesting home truths and sobering facts about his life, as well as finding out about the actors we have portraying this piece.

“I’m extremely excited to be putting on this production” explains production coordinator Wayne Madden, “because it showcases the talents of Ms Elliot and also the talents, appreciation and community that lie within the LGBT community in the North East. This play is about LGBT issues but it’s also about realising who you are and embracing the world. I think if you’re lucky enough to come and see our free production at any of the dates we’re performing, you’ll get a unique and entertaining experience…you may also learn something about yourself and those around you”

Get your FREE tickets for The Making of a Woman right now and join us for this incredible production.

Newcastle Theatre Royal Studio

Wed 2nd Sept 7:30 pm


Washington Arts Centre

Thu 3rd Oct 7:30pm


*Please note that filming will take place on all performance evenings. This filming is to capture the performance in compliance with Heritage funding and will not be focused on the audience, however, some shots of audience members or rectory shots may be indirectly captured. If you are uncomfortable, for any reason, with being filmed there will be an announcement made just prior to the performance and we would advise you to make yourselves known to staff present. Thank you. We hope you enjoy the performance.